Meet the Steering Committee

  • President:  Michelle Jackson
  • Past President:  Amanda Ruden
  • Secretary:  Liz Whitehead
  • Treasurer:  Cindy Bruner
  • Officer at Large:  Lisa Pries-Linn
  • Visiting Teachers:  Amanda Ruden
  • Programs:  Amanda Ruden
  • Publicity & Outreach:  Amy Bigbee
  • Swaps & Challenges: Lyn Cauwels and Lyn McCarty
  • Facilities & Hospitality:  Dale Jarvis
  • Library:  Kathy McLaren
  • Historian:  Debbie Rogulich
  • Membership:  Holly Strasburg
  • Modern Threads Exhibit:  Liz Whitehead

What happens at a Meeting?

Once you know the secret handshake, you are In Like Flynn!  Just Kidding:  our meetings are informal and informational.  

The Zoom Meeting starts at 6:30 pm with lots of waves and smiles!

After a review of events and business, we'll break out into Mini Zoom Rooms to chat about a particular topic. 

Every meeting has a program:  we learn from one of our talented members or a regional/national quilt teacher

The evening wraps up a digital Show and Tell ...this is so inspiring!

Meetings are over by 8 pm

We currently have about 100 members, and average attendance at meetings is 55-60.  

The Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild is a 501 (C) 3 organization.  5901 Wyoming Blvd NE, #3003, Albuquerque, NM  87109

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